The Skinny Survivor Reviews- A Unique And Prominent Program For Muscle Gain?

With The Skinny Survivor review, you don’t have to hide from social gatherings or events. You can learn about staying ripped naturally without choosing any fat loss surgery, supplements, or expensive treatments that are available around us.

Finding the right program was hard and my mind was flummoxed, reading about several programs and solutions that may sound legitimate but weren’t. I continued my research, expecting to find out the right program to help me and everyone stay fit and toned.

The Skinny Survivor Reviews – Can Help To Say Good-Bye To Lean Muscles?

After weeks of research, I stumbled upon The Skinny Survivor Program. The claims made about this program were all promising. So if you wish to know what the truth is, keep reading this The Skinny Survivor reviews Pounds in 30 Day Challenge review and learn how the solution can help you get ripped and shaped.

10 Pounds in 30 Day Challenge Reviews
Program NameThe Skinny Survivor
Product AvailabilityDigital Program
Primary BenefitsHelps to Get muscles through increasing body mass
CreatorWill Tseng
Specification10 Pounds In 30 Day Challenge Program + 7 Bonuses
Duration30 days
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
Price $19
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Are The Skinny Survivor Program?

10 Pounds in the 30-day Challenge is a body mass-building program that helps in staying ripped and confident naturally.

The methods and guidelines that you follow are scientifically proven and helps people stay buffed instead of staying skinny. All the embarrassments that life has put you through will be gone when you learn to transform your body into a well-ripped shape. You will learn to build muscles in every part of your body.

The Skinny Survivor is an easy-to-follow weight-gaining program that helps you build muscles if you are a skinny person.

This will help you stay bulky with muscles instead of increasing belly fat. As per the The Skinny Survivor review, the muscle gain solution will take you through healthy meal plans that will change your skinny looks and make you bulky.

So the program will help you shrink your potbelly, and develop and build muscles in every corner of your body with weight increasing gradually.

Creator of The Skinny Survivor Mass Building Program

Will Tseng is the one who created The Skinny Survivor Program. He was a skinny person who went through hardships and bullyings in life because of his appearance. He took enough time to sculpt himself by finding out natural ways to gain weight and build lean muscles.

His program has already helped out many men around the world who were skinny looking just like him. You can also go through the testimonials of his customers who had a similar appearance as him but turned out huge and hunky.

How Do The Skinny Survivor Work?

The Skinny Survivor exercise works to help skinny people to gain weight and build muscles by following natural and safe methods

👉Inside the program, users will learn the exact macronutrient targets and the need for proteins that help in muscle building. It minimizes fat buildup among skinny guys and hard gainers and strengthens their muscle mass. 

👉 The Skinny Survivor system consists of a bulking list of 100 food choices. This will help you enjoy what you eat than having tasteless and boring foods.

👉Learn to maximize energy for workouts by using macronutrients on a training or a non-training day in the right way for optimal performance.

👉You will be guided to make use of a .5 to 1 pound ratio to help you build lean muscles, gain weight and reduce fat.

👉 The Skinny Survivor program can be easily followed by adding all the important steps to your daily routine without a struggle whether you are following your daily program or not.

What is included in The Skinny Survivor System?

Mass Gain Meal Plans – Worth $99

These are Done For You Meal plans to help you build 1500 to 4500 calories with the help of a unique macro formula that can be used for training and non-training programs. It also has a custom mass gain calorie calculator that will help you learn about the exact calories to build lean muscles without any body fat. So follow these meal plans for 30 days to see your weight shoot up to 10 pounds.

Mass Gain workouts- worth $129

These are Done-for-you Gym workouts so that you will gain accelerated results and more lean muscles can be built.  This workout plan was made with the creator’s secret rep method for skinny guys to increase strength levels rapidly and maximize gym results.

BodyWeight Home Workouts- Worth $129

Access the Done For You Body Weight Workouts to help you build lean muscles without rushing to the gym. You can easily get started with highly effective bodyweight workouts that do not require any equipment and can be easily done at home.

Mass Gain Dumbbell Home Workouts- Worth $129

These are challenging workouts for you to perform if you are having a pair of dumbbells at your home. The workouts will help you with mass gaining and build muscles. The program will take you through a full set of workouts that can be used at home and at the gym.

Warmup/ cooldown manual- worth $79

This Manual will help you to stretch, a warm-up for your workouts, and also cool down. Adding these to your daily routine will ease your performance at the gym to lift the weight, recover faster, and lower any injuries.

Mass Gain Supplements- Worth $49

It is a complete supplement guide that will help you with an exact supplement that can help you with muscle building if you are a skinny person. This will save you from using dangerous supplements and save money to buy safe ones.

The Mass Gain Calculator- Worth $79

With this calculator, you will learn about the number of calories you need to consume so that you can gain weight, build your lean muscles and keep away from body fat.

10 Pounds in 30 Day Challenge System

What will you learn from The Skinny Survivor program?

According to several The Skinny Survivor Reviews, Here are the things that you will get from this mass building system:

💥Gain more weight and muscles in the right places.

💥Have bigger and bulky muscles and shoulders

💥Broader and noticeable chest

💥Build Abs as hard as steel

💥Power up your Legs and calf muscles

💥Regain better confidence level

The Skinny Survivor Muscle Building Program Pros & Cons


✔️It is an easy and convenient program

✔️Transforms skinny people into bulky ones

✔️Helps gain weight and muscles

✔️Blocks any further weight gain

✔️A program with a 100% money-back guarantee

✔️Risk-free and authentic methods and exercises


❌Not available in a physical book

❌Does not happen in a week or two

❌Time taking workout plans

Are The Skinny Survivor Program legit or not?

10 Pounds in 30 Day Challenge is a risk-free, effective, and proven program that helps users with gaining weight, building lean muscles at different spots, and avoids the fat built up. But you should be careful about other websites that claim to provide the program access and its services through their site.

The truth is, only the official website provides access to The Skinny Survivor program. The mass gain solution has already helped out many skinny men to transform into bulky people. It’s only through the official website that you get a 100% money-back guarantee. With this, it’s clear that The Skinny Survivor is a legit program when ordered directly from the official site.

The Skinny Survivor Customer reviews & Complaints

The Skinny Survivor has been used by many skinny people who had been struggling in their life with embarrassment. These men followed the program in the right way and transformed into a new shape through weight gain and lean muscle building.

Through my research, I found out The Skinny Survivor reviews of men who had positive results using the program. Nobody had reported any health problems or difficulties instead they are happy and motivated with their transformation.

10 Pounds in 30 Day Challenge Customer reviews

The Skinny Survivor Mass Building Challenge Pricing & Availability

According to the official website, The Skinny Survivor Program is available to you at a reasonable price. The total value of the program is $497 but you can get the program with different manuals, video sessions, and bonuses for a price of $19 only.

To place the order, you must choose only the official website. There are many fake websites available these days and do not fall for their lies. To get access to the authentic program, you need to click on the link below that would take you to the official website.

The Skinny Survivor Bonuses

Bonus 1: Mass Gain Execution Videos –  These videos will help you do the exercises in the program more conveniently. This will help you with building muscles quickly through the workouts laid down in the videos

Mass Gain Execution Videos bonus

Bonus 2: Mass Gain Cook Book – You get 60 Easy To Make, delicious recipes to bulk up fast.  So you get more meals that can be prepared in a shorter time so that you will know when you need to consume to improve your exercise program.

 Mass Gain Cook Book Bonus

Bonus 3: Mass Gain Snack bundle – You will be able to have more muscle gain by taking these snacks. The Done For You Protocol will help you fuel the body before doing the workouts and accelerates recovery and skyrocket muscle gains. You get Mass Gain Snack Workout manual, Mass Gain Snacks – 30 muscle-building snacks to supercharge your calories, and Mass Gain Snacks- Post Workout in this bundle.

Mass Gain Snack bundle  bonus

Bonus 4: Mass Gain Shakes-  You will get the 10 best high-calorie shake recipes to have a maximum gain of muscle mass. It will help you build more muscles through accelerated results.

Mass Gain Shakes bonus

Bonus 5: Colossal Chest and Shoulders – This is a 28-day manual that will guide you through bulking your muscles and chest so that you won’t have soft chests that are more like jelly.  You will learn about Tack on Trick, stop and start technique, mind-muscle hack, and much more sections that will help you with muscle gain and staying bulky.

Colossal Chest and Shoulders Bonus

Bonus 6: Hollywood Abs- This is a complete Ab building guide to help you have thicker, ripped abs in  6 weeks. Your bulgy belly will be gone when you follow the program.

Hollywood Abs Bonus

Bonus 7: Facebook Support- This program will help you with its 24×7 help team. The group has many members who are similar to you and share stories.

Facebook Support Bonus

Final Verdict – Is This Weight Gain Program Worth The Try?

The Skinny Survivor Program was followed by many young and skinny men who gained positive results. These guys were embarrassed throughout their life when people laughed at them but had a moment to stay confident and motivated in life.

The program helped them take the right nutrients that helped them stay to build their weight and build lean muscles on many spots. The Skinny Survivor reviews that I went through were of highly motivated people who looked bulky and build their abs, biceps, shoulders all over their bodies.

The Skinny Survivor muscle gain solution comes with a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 60 days that helps every user to try the program first to see if it helps them. Every user will be able to see the changes happening when they use The Skinny Survivor workouts in the right way.


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