The Smoothie Diet Reviews – Can You Lose Weight With A Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet Reviews[March Updated 2022]: Keeping your weight down isn’t as easy as it sounds. Takes a lot of dedication and effort for you to get there, and sometimes, it doesn’t work out. Are you looking for a way to burn fat, stay in perfect shape without taking part in extreme workouts, and without pushing yourself to eat foods you don’t want or foods that you still don’t believe in? then you are at the right place.

Read The Smoothie Diet reviews to know more!

The Smoothie Diet Reviews – How Effective Is The 21-Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss?


Look no further, you’re at the right place! Smoothie Diet is a 21-day online program that helps you lose weight and keep your desired weight at the same time.

Although it undoubtedly has a lot to do with smoothies, it does neglect factors important to keep your weight down for good, improve your energy levels, and, more importantly, change your lifestyle.

Does the Smoothie Diet work? Read The Smoothie Diet reviews to know more!

Program NameThe Smoothie Diet
AuthorDrew Sgoutas
SpecificationThe ebook contains 36 smoothie recipes
Duration21-Day Plan
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is The Smoothie Diet?

According to the Smoothie Diet video, this program helps you add the right smoothies to your day to compliment your meals and activities. It’s a guide to just using smoothies to meet your ultimate goals, not a smoothie diet.


This 21-day online program gives you everything you need to know about juicing and drinking smoothies to bring you closer to your fitness goals. But this isn’t just a generic book of smoothie recipes.

It’s an extensive guide that shows you what smoothies to drink, the best time to drink them, and gives you a variety to choose from, for different activities.

Although, keep in mind that you should never use smoothies as substitutes for three meals a day. That’s something you frequently see on other schemes, but smoothies do not replace your breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinners.

While they encourage you to consume the regular recommended amount of fruits and greens required for the best health, you still need solid food in your diet. Instead, this program seeks to achieve overall wellness and loss of weight by including nutritious and tasty smoothies to the diet you follow daily.

This is key because you need something that you can do to lose weight and transform your health. After all, drinking smoothies doesn’t seem suitable for the rest of your life.

About the creator

Drew Sgoutas, a nutrition expert and a professional wellness coach, is the author of The Smoothie Diet. His particular approach is to prepare and consume natural ingredients and foods to reach your goals. In his personal life, Drew used this method and inspired thousands to pursue it.

How does The Smoothie Diet program work?

With this program, you will prepare and drink two smoothies a day as food alternatives on this eating plan. Your third meal is yours to decide, but it needs to be lower in calories for the best results.

Sgoutas also recommends one weekly “cheat day,” and provides a prescribed list of foods for this day. He is also saying that if you want to lose weight, repeating the 21-day program is more than okay.

Smoothies can vary in their ingredients, mainly fruits, vegetables, protein, and some healthy fats. Follow the recipes given in The Smoothie Diet ebook to plan your dinner.

The diet should not be high in calories because otherwise, you won’t get the desired outcome. The guide also allows you to snack with high fiber and low sugar options. There are two plans included in the Smoothie Diet. The first is the “Detox Plan,” which replaces all your main meals with nutritious smoothies that keep you full all day. 

The other plan involves a 21-day schedule replacing two meals with a smoothie and one solid food provided with a few snacks. After a “flex day”, you can make adjustments and have a smoothie followed by two meals. However, for people with food allergies, The Smoothie Diet may not be the best. Check with a doctor and have a routine checkup before you lose weight with this diet.

The Smoothie Diet Plan

Features of The Smoothie Diet Plan

The Smoothie Diet PDF book comes with six items in total. Here’s a quick look at what each item has to offer

Main Guide – A 150-page ebook presented clearly and concisely, so anyone can understand it.

Smoothie schedule – Shows you when to drink the smoothies.

Shopping lists – Shows you what to buy at the stores, so that you don’t miss a thing.

Workout plan – To help you lose weight with a variety of workouts.

Recipe guide – To keep your calories in check.

Daily Journal – To keep you motivated and track your progress too.

Why is The Smoothie Diet useful?

Your body needs to detox not just for losing weight but also to eliminate all impurities from your body. It makes you feel energetic and light by restoring all the minerals and vitamins you lost. With your diet, you should be careful and keep the calories on the lower end of the scale. Instead of adding on more carbs, increase the protein and healthy fats to make your food tasty as well as nutritious.

You have plenty of recipes in the Smoothie Diet, but to achieve your goal, keep portion control in check. Form a habit of having a smoothie on a long-term basis at least once a day.

To prevent some unavoidable weight loss errors, consider counting the calories, and understanding how many you have to eat in every meal. In your smoothies, you could also use strawberries, blueberries, and apples, which are rich sources of antioxidants. Spinach and kale smoothies would be even better that way.

The Smoothie Diet results have been positive so far, with one customer losing 14 pounds in 21 days and a mother of two losing 70 pounds. 

The Smoothie Diet Bonuses

The earlier list was not all this program has to offer. It also comes with a bunch of helpful bonus materials that help you lose weight. Here’s what else you get:

Healthy eating guide – Gives you enough healthy recipes for 5 weeks.

Workout guide – 5, 10, and 15-minute exercises you can perform anywhere and are easy to fit into your schedule.

Smoothies for kids – Teaches your kids to make healthy food choices so that they don’t face any weight issues when they grow up.

Diabetes-friendly and gluten-free recipes -Alternative recipes in case you have diabetes or a gluten allergy.

How much time will The Smoothie Diet take to see results? 

You need to give this program the minimum duration of 21 days like the creator suggests. One of the biggest mistakes people make with this program is that they just use it for a week and do not see any results in the mirror right then. Follow the program for the prescribed time, and you will notice a few improvements if you wait patiently.

How long will your results stay?

As already mentioned, many people end up quitting this program. A great diet and healthy lifestyle would keep your results sticking around for at least a year or two more. If you want to lose a few pounds and your heart’s in it, this will be a piece of cake for you.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
“I’ve been trying forever to lose the last 10-15 lbs. and tone up and that’s exactly what happened so I am very happy. I feel great about myself, I don’t find myself holding in my belly anymore and feel confident about myself, and people have noticed that about me too…and my love handles are gone! I couldn’t be happier with this whole program and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose a little or lose a lot.”

How much does it cost?

The 21-day Smoothie Dietcomes at a one-time cost of 47$, but as a limited-time offer, it’s available to buy at only 37$. Looking at their website, they seem to have even a refund policy in place and you must contact the creator for that reason.

In case this doesn’t work for you or you don’t seem to like it down the line, you’ll get a refund without any hassles or questions. 

Where can you get it from?

As mentioned in The Smoothie Diet Reviews it is available only from the official website. A lot of knockoff websites try to sell fake versions of the Smoothie Diet, which is why we’re giving you a legitimate source here:

You are only applicable to the refund if you order the product from the actual website. There is no offline availability of this program because shopping shifted online the moment the pandemic hit us. The Smoothie Diet free download is not available anywhere and can only be found for a price on their website.

Final Verdict On The Smoothie Diet Reviews – Is The Smoothie Diet Legitimate?

Making smoothies at home encourages you to adjust your calorie count and try out various recipes to understand what is better for your body and what tastes better at the same time. Smoothies are typically recommended for breakfasts if you adopt a low-calorie diet, as they act as an optional low-calorie meal that can be customized to your needs. 

There’s no unique or “best” recipe because there are no magic fat-burning ingredients or combinations in the real world yet. Smoothies will only promote your weight loss by keeping you full for longer and helping you stick to a long-term calorie-controlled diet which you’ll need to keep the weight off.

If The Smoothie Diet Reviews has been worth a read, I insist you check out The Smoothie Diet Today. Though nothing amazing should be expected from the start itself, you’ll see a gradual improvement in your weight after you’ve been using it for those 21 days!

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