The Wholesale Formula Reviews – Is It A Proven Formula To Generate Income On Amazon? [2022]

The Wholesale Formula Review 2022 will unveil to you a unique reverse sourcing wholesale system suitable for trading online on Amazon. The COVID-19 pandemic situation is what everybody is forced to stay at home in despair of being jobless. The layoff dilemma has been tough to handle and life has been on a brink of collapse.

So what, if the COVID -19 is here? We must find a better alternative to earn and survive. Even the famous proverb “ Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t apply here. A better alternative wholesale business solution through Amazon felt legit and that’s the reason I am here to share it with you.

The Wholesale Formula Reviews – What You Need To Know!


Let me introduce to you all, a new business model that is simple, straightforward, and profitable – The wholesale Formula System. It’s all downhill from here, once when you master the course. There wouldn’t be any more struggle of living life with struggles, as you can live it the way you want.

To get a better idea of what the wholesale formula is all about, make sure you grasp every important point I will be explaining in this Wholesale Formula review.

The Wholesale Formula Reviews
Course TitleThe Wholesale Formula
Product TypeAmazon wholesale business course
CreatorsDan Meadors and Dylan Frost
Course Modules5 Modules
Course Duration3 Days live workshop
The Wholesale Formula Price$2,497 (one-time) or $997 (3 monthly payments)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is The Wholesale Formula? 

The Wholesale Formula is a comprehensive and proven course to build an Amazon Business platform that would make you successful and rich. The system implies teaching how a person can run this business model from the comfort of their home.

The Wholesale Formula business model is nothing similar to other common amazon strategies that don’t work. There are other business models that claim a successful amazon strategy but are too overpriced.

In the end, they don’t guarantee you any return. With The Wholesale Formula, You will be directly connected with the manufacturers/owners of the product instead of dealing with mediators or distributors.

Our highlight is on the Wholesale Formula Business Model which is a powerful and effective amazon wholesale business workshop. It has proven to generate $1 billion in revenue for those students who joined the course with a minimal investment.

Having an outclassing strategy will let you live a life that you had wished. You can predict how your business would go top and live an unrestricted life by earning enough wealth on the go.

The Wholesale Formula will help you leverage top brands through the concept of wholesale business on Amazon. This has been a great relief for people who were hopeless about earning an income during the pandemic. It helped them develop a business with long term sustainability. 

Reading The Wholesale Formula reviews by users was positive and it built my trust in the Product.

The Wholesale formula process is nothing revolutionary as it is a traditional strategy followed by famous retailers like Walmart and Amazon. It begins by identifying the product people want, identifying the owners of the product in demand, sourcing the product in a large quantity, putting them for sale, and making a handsome amount as profit.

wholesale formula workshop

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How does it work? 

The Wholesale formula is a step-by-step Amazon business system that has been proven to provide results. The whole thing works on a reverse sourcing wholesale formula.

To earn revenue on a continuous scale, you need to consider the 3 ‘S’ steps that would help you cruise towards a better earning.

The Wholesale formula works perfectly if you focus on correcting these 3 steps:

Scouting- You need to scout for your products in the Amazon marketplace. Products must be in demand and must have untapped potential. One must know this by using the opportunity-identifying process. Know what products people are inclined towards, stock them and make a profit.  

Sourcing- This step is straightforward and scalable for your business. You will be able to source the products you want by connecting and maintaining a relationship with the brand owners. Say goodbye to middlemen and that would earn you more profit. This would provide real value for them by becoming an authorized dealer who sells their products.

Scaling- You will be able to sell profitable products by following this effective and promising system. This will help you to earn more wealth, financial freedom, enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams by consistently beating the market.

the wholesale formula program

To generate income on Amazon in the most predictable way, the creators have worked hard to crack open the code to get things done in a simple and straightforward way.

The Wholesale formula pdf is a powerful, proven, and effective system that would help you overcome your turmoil state of meeting expenses. Earning through Amazon is simple and continuous, which works through reverse sourcing wholesale strategy when you tap into The Wholesale formula.

amazon wholesale course

Who created the Wholesale Formula?  

The Wholesale formula is a collaborative business model created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. Despite working less than 40 hours a week, their Amazon sale has hit the top charts and this is a big achievement for them.

Their Amazon business started with a $600 investment which was the maximum amount they could fetch altogether. They started this wholesale part-time business that turned out to be profitable in a few months. So they resigned from their full-time jobs and concentrated on selling through Amazon regularly.

Since then, they have earned a whopping amount of $30,000,000 in sales through Amazon. They get time to spend with their family because they have assigned their daily operations very well.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

What’s inside this Formula? 

Inside The Wholesale formula, you will find 6 modules to focus on.

  • Module 1 – Orientation

To create the base, the creators help you in the course to structure a scalable Wholesale Formula Business Model. All the steps that you need to follow will be addressed in this module.

  • Module 2 – Product Analysis

This module is very essential in identifying and analyzing Amazon Products thoroughly so that you will learn whether each product will be a viable product to earn a profit.

  • Module 3 – Scouting

Specialize and be a master in using their scouting system that includes Leaf sourcing, Amazon Filtering, and  Super Targeting. These tools would help you identify the best opportunities, build your wholesale business and make it profitable.

  • Module 4- Value Prepositions

With increased account approvals by being a seller of the best brands, you will be able to outclass your competitors. Thus you will add tons of new fans who would be loyal to the brands you sell.

  • Module 5 – Sourcing

Learn what are the systems used by the creators of the Wholesale Formula, to connect with brand owners. Learn about creating wholesale accounts and how to negotiate better to purchase in bulk at a lower price.

Have an eye on the reorder level by forecasting how the sales have jumped up. To avoid any sales backlash, replenish the finished products in a timely manner.

  • Module 6- Growth

Gaining mastery over your course would bring your business improved growth. But to get more endless results, you need to learn from this module about the exact techniques for earning an 8 figure profit.

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How much money can you make with the Wholesale Formula? 

Money Making on Amazon solely depends on the products you select. Each product will have a different profit margin and the product you select must be proven and something in demand.

Let me exemplify the whole sales and profit-making process through an anecdote. 

Jason has been selling 10 products from different manufacturers and 6 units of each product were sold daily on average.

So, it would be 10 products x 6 units per product = 60 sales per day

Considering  November that has 30 days,

Total sales per day x total days in a month =Total unit sold per month 

Which would be, 60 x 30 = 1800 sales per month

Next, we will calculate how you can earn a total profit by selling these units every month. Since Jason has 1800 sales each month by selling 6 units of each product every day, his profit from each product would be $3.00.

Total units sold each month x profit per unit = total monthly profit 

1800 x 3 =  $5400

This imaginative example was to make you understand how the Wholesale Formula works and how simple it will be for you to earn a steady and regular profit through the reverse sourcing wholesale process.

Everything depends on the product you select and the profit margin of each product selected would be different. Sometimes the profit earned every month would be less or more than what I have shared in my anecdote.

Everything depends on how well you understand and execute the process. The Wholesale Formula is never a complicating process and you can earn better by staying at home and playing with your children.

If you increase the product range to 20 or 30 and if the products are very much in demand, your profitability would shoot to the top and you would be going through a cloud 9 moment of your life.

The Wholesale Formula customer Reviews

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The Wholesale Formula Bonuses 

Apart from the basic training focused modules, the wholesale formula course will also give you the following bonuses to complement your learning journey, and are free:

  • 12 plus hours of Webinar Recordings  

With over 6 webinars recordings of approximately around 2 hours each, you can further deepen your knowledge on specific topics. 

  • Facebook Group membership for TWF Alumni

This bonus gives you access to the wholesale formula Alumni Facebook group. It is a supportive online community where you can join fellow students following this same course, discuss your questions and answers to help you throughout your course. 

  • VA Launchpad  

This course will train you on using your own virtual assistants. The Virtual Assistant Launchpad will help you hire, train, and manage your employees remotely, save time, and quickly scale your Amazon wholesale business.  

  • Exclusive Software Discounts 

A list of direct links to the resources that Dan and Dylan used to set up their own wholesale Amazon business is also included. For most of the links, there are discount codes as well as free trials available.

It consists of the Seller Labs Pro 2-Month Access Code, the Tactical Arbitrage Discount, and many more amazon and e-commerce related software available for you to access anytime through this course. 

  • All future course updates 

You will get instant notifications whenever new content is added to this amazon wholesale business course, or the course contents are updated.

This feature will help you keep up with the amazon wholesale course’s changing and growing strategies and learn the new insights as soon as the course is updated. 

How can you get your hands on the Formula

The Wholesale Formula can be directly attended by accessing the official website of the course. Be careful of the scams that might look similar to the official website with eye-catching content and an attractive landing page. I shall share a direct link to The Wholesale Formula’s official website towards the end of this review.

The Wholesale Formula review – Final Verdict  

To be exact, Dan and Dylan have helped 4,721 students to learn about the reverse sourcing wholesale procedure. All of his students had a  wonderful life ahead that turned things to stay fruitful.

The growth continued even when they did not spend 40 hours daily coordinating the whole business process.

Imparting The Wholesale Formula knowledge was extremely delightful for Dan and Dylan, as their students earned $1,057, 143, 592 on Amazon using the formula.

Astounding right?

Well, that’s the truth, and Dan and Dylan earned a whopping total of $31,024,119 to date.

These figures are real proof and many people who were part of the straightforward Dan and Dylan wholesale course have achieved great results.

Are you an existing Amazon seller who was not able to shine selling products, then The Wholesale Formula program would teach you to fix things and earn better? You will never have to suffer from a retail arbitrage further in life. 

Even if you lack any experience, a wholesale formula workshop is the right way to begin earning.

So, if you are interested in The Wholesale Formula Reviews then are you ready to join the Wholesale Formula Course Today?

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