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Things That Can Harm Your Heart – What Are The Things To Avoid To Save Your heart?

The heart is one of the major organs of our body. Our cardiovascular system is responsible for performing and maintaining the most important functions of the human system. The heart consists of valves, arteries, veins, atrium, ventricles, etc. They function together to supply oxygenated blood to the body.

Factors That Affect Your Heart!

Many toxic products in the environment can harm our cardiovascular system. An increase in pollution, additions of preservatives in edible products, and usage of substances such as alcohol have impacted the overall working capacity of the heart.

Many people are suffering from various heart diseases globally. Every year a huge cluster of people are treated for various heart diseases so the main question is how to protect our hearts from these harmful products? We can start the procedure of protection by accommodating a healthy lifestyle, increasing awareness, and educating people about the subject.

What is the cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system is the primary organ system that circulates the blood in the body. Additionally, it also aids in the transportation of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other essential products throughout the human body.

The cardiovascular system consists of various parts for performing a variety of functions. The parts are as follows:

It is one of the main components of the vascular system that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Red blood cells, platelets, and other factors make the blood one of the most essential components of the cardiovascular system and the human body.

Blood vessels are the main path to carrying blood throughout the body. They can transport the oxygenated blood from the heart to the other body parts and remove waste as well. The deoxygenated blood is also collected by the blood vessels and supplied for oxygenation.

The heart is the main organ of the vascular system. It supports the whole body by transporting nutrients, blood, and other essential components. It consists of valves, atrium, and ventricles. Both the sides of the heart are working to provide proper blood supply to the body.

What are the main components that can affect the health of my heart?

The health of your heart decides your overall well-being. Some of the major factors that can be responsible for the damage to your heart are mentioned below:

In this corporate era, a sedentary lifestyle is common. People around us are working daily from nine to five to earn money. We have to follow the hustle culture to be successful. Sometimes we ignore our health due to excessive work and study pressures.

Excessive stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and a lack of exercise can damage your heart. They damage the health of your heart by affecting blood circulation. Problems such as arteriosclerosis, plaque formation, thrombosis, embolism, etc. can arise due to a lack of a properly balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol contains various harmful ingredients that can affect our liver, heart, and other major organs of our body. So it is important to avoid excessive consumption of these substances. They can damage your overall appearance and health immensely.

Your dentist will recommend flossing to keep your teeth healthy but according to research flossing is healthy for your heart as well. People suffering from CAD [coronary artery disease] when started flossing properly had fewer vascular problems. Other dental problems can also cause heart diseases so it is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene to protect your heart.

Consumption of iodine-rich food can lead to problems such as edema due to impaired sodium and potassium transportation. It can also precipitate many diseases related to the cardiovascular system such as left ventral ventricular failure, thrombosis, plaque, clot formation, etc. If you want to maintain a healthy heart then you should start following a balanced diet.

Other conditions that can affect your heart are:

Edible products are one of the major sources that can affect your heart. Some of the food products are mentioned below:

How can the environment affect my heart?

The environment is the one major source that can affect our health. We know that excessive pollution can cause several lung problems but it can also lead to several cardiovascular diseases. Many problems such as excessive pollution, deforestation, etc. have degraded the air quality around us and created an unhealthy setting for our generation.

The sheet of an unhealthy environment can cover your health and affect it immensely so it is important to support the development of the environment. According to data excessive air pollution increased the incidence of heart problems by nearly fifty percent in the last ten years.

How can I help my heart?

If you want to improve the health of your heart you can start by following the tips mentioned below:

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