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Best 10 Tips For Parents To Encourage Their Children To Read

Reading is a good habit, but with the use of modern gadgets, people do not pay much attention to books and reading. Doubtlessly many of the books are now available in soft copies also but reading a regular book is something that one must not ignore. You can now easily motivate your children to read books by following the simple tips given in this article. Children are sometimes hesitant towards learning due to various reasons.

Best 10 Tips For Parents To Encourage Their Children To Read


You cannot force them in this situation, as this will further push them away from reading and other academic activities. It is always better to do it in a subtle manner without putting much pressure on them towards reading books. If you can develop an interest in reading in a subtle manner, they will naturally pick it up in a gradual way.

Pick Books According To Age

It is always essential to provide books as per the liking of your kids. You can start by choosing comic books or other small books that contain exciting stories. This can slowly attract them towards reading books in the long run. If you are going to a bookstore, take your kids along and allow them to choose the books.

You can always offer them support in this regard and suggest to them about your favorite books. To avail specific books, one needs to check various options where these books are easily available.

Let Children Read Out Loud

It is important to develop the habit of reading aloud for very young kids as this will help you to monitor their pronunciation and accent. You can correct any mistakes in this manner at the initial stages itself by listening to their reading session.

Apart from that, this will also develop confidence in your children with regards to reading ability, and they will slowly develop reading skills in this manner. It also helps them to memorize the content easily

Make A Video Of Their Storytelling Session

If you have school going kids, encourage them to read out stories. You can even record such story reading sessions. When kids see such videos later, they will be able to improvise on their storytelling methods which can further boost their confidence with regards to public speaking. In this way, they will get interested in reading other books in the future.

Create A Space For Reading Activity

Most people neglect this aspect at home as they feel that reading is the same at any place. However, you will be surprised to know that having a separate space for reading can bring in something special to the entire task. You can reserve a corner of your room with a small desk for this task. In this way, children will also realize the importance of reading books in the future.

Read Along With Them

Never leave your kids alone when they are reading books. You can also read along with them so that they find some companions in this activity. This will further motivate them to learn as they find it very interesting to read along with parents. You can even ask them doubts about the topics just to bring in some interest in the reading session.

Take Children To A Library

You will be surprised to know that most voracious readers have had early exposure to public libraries in their growing years. Always take your kids to the library whenever possible so that they realize the importance of all the knowledge that is stored in those books. This will encourage them to read various books that can help them in the future with regard to academic activities.

Make Children Use A Dictionary

Encourage your kids to use a dictionary to find out the meaning of difficult words that they come across in various books. Always insist on using the dictionary as this can make them independent in the long run. They need not depend on other people to know the meaning of new words in this manner.

Discuss Books Generally

Even while having casual discussions, bring the topic of books in general and encourage your children to participate in such discussions actively. In this way, children will get attracted to reading books.

Make Reading A Ritual

Always have a fixed time for reading, even if it’s just for a few minutes every day. If you want to develop this habit late in the night, you can encourage kids to read bedtime stories that can fuel their imagination and boost their interest in such books

Reduce Visual Entertainment

The biggest mistake made by parents of this generation is letting their kids watch television and providing access to the internet at a very young age. This can push kids away from reading books as the brain finds visual entertainment more stimulating than reading books.

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