Total Revive Plus Reviews – Is It A Satisfying Supplement For A Better Bowel Movement?

Hi Everyone. In this Total Revive Plus review, I am going to you share with you the exact truth of this supplement. I suggest you to read this review fully so that you can clearly decide whether you need to buy it or not! Total Revive Plus is an all-natural enzyme booster that aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It promises to improve your overall health and assists you in losing unwanted and unnecessary weight by improving your digestive health.

Total Revive Plus Reviews – Does This Supplement Support In Losing Excess Weight Too?


Total Revive Plus supplement is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme mix created by Dr. Joshua Levitt and produced from all-natural components devoted to improving digestive health and nutrition uptake.  In this Total Revive Plus review, let’s see an honest review for Total Revive Plus. 

Total Revive Plus Reviews
Product Name Total Revive Plus
ManufacturerDr. Joshua Levitt
Manufacturing Company UpWellness Company
Health BenefitsDigestive enzyme formula that tries to break down fats
Item Format Capsules
Total No Of Capsules90 Capsules
Revive Plus Ingredients Amala, Gotu Kolla or Centella, Asiatic, Holy Basil
Dosage1 or 2 Capsules according to the quantity of food
Results2-3 Months
Side Effects No Side Effects Reported Till Date
AvailabilityOfficial Website

An Overview Of Total Revive Plus Capsules

The Total Revive Plus is a nutritional supplement with herbal adaptogens and digestive enzymes developed by a naturopathic physician. It’s a potent natural remedy for supporting gastrointestinal health, digestion, and nutrition absorption.

Total Revive Plus capsule has been deemed safe for use by the FDA because of its effectiveness. According to the company, you may eat whatever you want without fear of negative consequences or gaining weight. To know more about the formula creation and ingredients, you have to go through this Total Revive Plus review

Manufacturer Of Total Revive Plus – Dr. Joshua Levitt

Manufacturer of Total Revive Plus

Dr. Joshua Levitt, a health pioneer and board-certified naturopathic physician with 20 years of experience, invented Total Revive Plus. He’s spent years researching and practicing alternative medicine, and he’s helped thousands of people.

Dr. Levitt discovered the specific components needed to enhance metabolism and improve nutrition absorption by the body via his extensive study on digestive health. He then created the Total Revive Plus supplement recipe by combining these components. As a result, it works differently than any other weight-loss or digestive-health supplement.

Total Revive Plus Ingredients

Holy Basil 

Tulsi, commonly known as Holy Basil, is a healing herb. It has too many health advantages to name; it is one of the most well-known stress relievers available anywhere globally, has digestive benefits, and controls blood sugar.

It strengthens the body’s resistance to stress and protects it from all of its harmful consequences. Holy Basil is the third of the three adaptogens in the Total Revive Plus formula, making it superior to all others.


Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry or Amala in Ayurveda, is a nutritive tonic, blood cleanser, and mucous membrane tonic long been respected in India. One amla has the same amount of vitamin C as twenty oranges.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is notable for its ability to control digestion because of its high protein and vitamin C content. It can also stimulate mucus secretions in the intestines, reducing the acidity and chances of severe gastric ulcers and curing stomach pains.

Dipeptidyl Peptidase

DPP-IV, or Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV, is a key enzyme that governs a range of physiological functions such as feeding, digestion, immunological function, pain perception, growth, infection, and many more.


Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down dietary lipids into fatty acids and glycerol, which are smaller molecules. The cells in your stomach produce a negligible quantity of lipase called gastric lipase. This enzyme breaks down butterfat in your meals.


Amylase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down starch into smaller carbohydrate molecules in meals. 


A protease is a generic name for any enzyme that breaks down protein into its building components, amino acids. The three primary proteases are pepsin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin, which your digestive system produces.


It facilitates sugar fermentation in the digestive tract, which is essential for gut health. Invertase also helps the body’s immunological system function properly. Invertase deficiency is an issue for your general health because of these causes.

Total Revive Plus Ingredients

How Does Total Revive Plus Work In Our Body?

Total Revive Plus helps the digestive process slows down when some blockers, such as stress, age, unhealthy food habits, etc., interrupt the production of the necessary enzymes. Lack of digestive enzymes leads to a range of digestive issues because the food doesn’t get digested properly.

As a result, even if you eat healthily and adequately, your body fails to benefit from the food. It is because the food is not broken down into simpler digestible substances, and your body fails to assimilate the essential nutrients required for maintaining overall health. 

The digestive enzymes in the product provide the body with the essential enzymes that are required to break complex food. Because of this breakdown, the body is able to extract all the nutrients from the food you eat properly. As mentioned above in the Total Revive Plus review, When the nutrient supply is met, you automatically experience lower hunger cravings, reducing the untimely eating that you may be doing. 

The adaptogenic components in the product aid the digestive enzymes in fulfilling the product’s aim by maintaining the body’s physiological functioning. It does so by increasing the body’s resistance to stress and anxiety. When stress levels are reduced, the body easily generates enzymes or utilizes the enzymes provided by the capsules.

Benefits Of Total Revive Plus Supplement

Total Revive Plus has varied effects on different people because of varying body kinds and circumstances, but it provides the following advantages to all customers:

⌛ It improves the digestion of fats, carbs, and proteins.

⌛ It enables the generation of tolerance for a variety of foods, including wheat and dairy.

⌛ It assists in the reduction of stress.

⌛ Total Revive Plus improves weight loss by increasing metabolism.

⌛ Total Revive Plus improves the reduction of inflammation.

⌛ It leads to a significant increase in energy levels.

⌛ It facilitates greater nutritional absorption from the meals we eat.

⌛ Total Revive Plus contributes to the restoration of equilibrium.

⌛ It improves a person’s overall health.

Side Effects Of Total Revive Plus Capsule

There are no side effects or long-term risks to the Total Revive Plus supplement, as its natural formula is proven to be safe and of top quality.

Note that those who have pre-existing medical problems or use other medications must consult the doctor before using the supplement.

Total Revive Plus Dosage And How To Use It

Total Revive Plus supplement can be used by any adult who is suffering from digestive issues. Each bottle contains 90 pills and is suitable for 30 days. It is advised to take the capsules along with every meal you take.

Total Revive Plus Dosages

Dr. Levitt suggests one capsule for small meals and two capsules for larger meals. Please check your doctor before using health supplements if you are a minor, have allergies, or have a medical condition.

Total Revive Plus Results And Longevity

Total Revive Plus capsule is high in enzymes that help with digestion and metabolism, which speeds up the breakdown of substances inside the body.

Increased metabolism causes the body to digest stored chemicals and break down unwanted fat, particularly in and around the stomach.

Usually, results start appearing within 2-3 months of regular use. However, for long-lasting effects, you must continue the use for 1-2 years. To further enhance the product’s benefits, combining it with exercise and a healthy diet is best.

Is Total Revive Plus Legit?

Total Revive Plus supplement is a 100% legitimate and authentic solution for digestive problems and other related issues.

Customer Reviews And Complaints Of Total Revive Plus

As per Total Revive Plus reviews and many testimonials provided on the manufacturer’s official website, we can see great feedback and positive reviews from the customers. It provides a splendid solution for digestive and other related problems. Furthermore, as per the website, there is no negative feedback or complaints listed.

Total Revive Plus Customer Reviews and Complaints

Total Revive Plus Pricing And Where To Get It

Anyone interested in purchasing bottles of Total Revive Plus can do so through the official website. Depending on how much the consumer wants to get at once, there are three alternatives. They are:

One Bottle Costs $47.00

Three Bottles For $128.25

Six bottles For $171.00

Individuals who wish to save even more money on already reduced costs can choose VIP automatic delivery instead of purchasing one-time. Subscribing to this will save the consumer an additional 10% on their total cost.

It should also be noted that the purchase must be made from the official website as it is the only place where you will get the authentic product.

Total Revive Plus Bonuses

To offer the maximum possible benefit to the customers, Dr. Levitt provides a free bottle of Probiotic Plus with every purchase of Total Revive Plus. It is also a dietary supplement that helps in improving digestion with the help of the probiotics included in the supplement.

Final Verdict On Total Revive Plus Reviews

As the formulator guarantees and the Total Revive Plus reviews testify, it has proven to be a reliable cure for stomach-related issues. Therefore, if you are struggling with such issues and are failing to find a proper solution, you can give Total Revive Plus a try.

However, please consult your doctor before including it in your diet to eliminate possibilities for risks.


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