Understanding Your Teen’s Emotional Health: Things To Follow!

Emotional health is a part of our overall health. There is a notion that physical health is everything. Some people believe that we should only take care of our physical health. But, they are completely unaware of the fact that mental health is equally necessary to impart good health. As suggested by the doctors, if we want to stay healthy, we must nurture our holistic health. Holistic health includes body, mind, and soul. Therefore, three of these components should be taken care of to live a healthy as well as wealthy life. 

How To Manage Teenager’s Emotional Health?


Most of us have a notion that people affected by emotional problems come into the category of psycho. But, we often forget that we all, at some point in our lives, go through emotional turmoil or mental problems. These mental or emotional problems could be mild to moderate or severe. In most cases, teenagers are seen to suffer from mental problems.

Teen's Emotional Health

Chronic or longer periods of mental problems hamper their emotional health. Poor emotional health is the abode of different diseases. But, we don’t like to discuss teens’ emotional health. We have to remember that without a good mental state, a person can’t progress in his life. Here we will discuss teenagers’ emotional health from a different perspective.

Why Is A Teenager’s Health Important?

The period from 13-19 seems to be the most complex time in the life of a human being. In this period, a person goes through mental and physical changes. This is called puberty. When a boy or a girl has to go through lots of transformations. Such transformation brings in lots of conflicts, ideas, and notions over various subjects. A teenager seems to be keenly interested to get well aware of each thing or incident happening around him or her. Sometimes, a shocking incident influences their mind to a great extent. That particular incident can hush him or her to depression

On the other hand, the quarrel and fight in the family, between the parents leave a negative impression upon their minds. It is often seen, if a family goes through a critical problem, the young age (13-15) members of the family get most affected. In this period, a person belongs to such a mental state where he or she does not have the maturity to cope up with problems. Therefore, this age group seems to be more vulnerable to finding solutions to problems and easily get depressed. But, we need to remember that the age between 13-19 is the age of building personality. In these years, a person develops different ideas and opinions. Hence, a healthy emotional state is very necessary to boost up the developmental skill of a teenager. At this age, the talent of a person blossoms. Therefore, taking care of a person’s emotional health is quite necessary at this age. 

Symptoms of an impaired emotional state in teenagers

  • Frequent agitation
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Sleep deprivation or oversleeping
  • Trouble in concentrating
  • Apathy in the pleasurable activities
  • Loss of appetite
  • A continuous feeling of sadness
  • Monotony
  • No interest in family function
  • No interest in any kind of socialization\
  • Least bothered about the worldly activities
  • Lack of motivation
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Lack of motivation
  • Low energy

How Will Teenagers Fight Up Mental Issues?

This is very difficult and, at the same time, risky to cope up with mental stress. In the case of a teenager’s mental or emotional state, it is very difficult to fight up. Many of us go through such mild to moderate emotional problems during our puberty stage. The changes in hormones seem to be the main cause of giving birth to various mental issues in teenagers. If the mental issue is mild to moderate in teenagers, then it can be solved at home. But, in case of severe mental problems, you need to take the consultation of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers as well. 

To get rid of moderate types of emotional problems and prevent them beforehand, they should follow the points described below.

👉 Discuss to the parents or other family members 

Teenagers are advised to discuss the problem they are suffering from with their parents before it takes a deep dig. Because parents are the only ones who always think of our well beings. If you are not that close to your parents, then you can seek the help of a family member who is very close to you. You should remember that discussing with friends cannot bring a solution to your problem. It is only the family that can appropriately help you. 

👉 Do physical exercises

This may sound absurd, but it is the truth. Various research on teenagers and their emotional health have made out the fact that exercise can reduce mental problems. Physical exercise could come up in the form of yoga, breathing exercise, or simply a long session of badminton. As per the experts, physical exercise increases mental strength and keeps mental issues at bay. Doing regular exercise can show a great difference in teenagers. Just cut out half an hour from a day and indulge in some physical activities. You can join Zumba classes also for better improvement of your emotional health. 

👉 Be socialized

It has been seen that the teenagers who are not socialized suffer more in emotional issues compared to those who are involved in social gatherings. A person must need to engage himself in social gatherings so that his mind can get rest from evil thoughts and ideas. Just like a full-grown mature person, a teenager also needs to engage himself or herself with other people. The fact is that the mind should be involved in different thoughts so that the same thought does not occupy the mind. 

👉 Give time to yourself

Nowadays, due to a long period of study and work, teenagers do not occupy time to enjoy their own company. For longer hours of school, tuition and homework he or she has to forget about the favorite pastime. All-day study and no place for hobbies and entertainment make them sad easily. That is why psychiatrists often advise them to cut back 1 hour from a day and pursue their hobbies. A mind without pleasure or amazement cannot be able to perform well.

👉 Staying into nature

This is the examined fact that nature is the best company of a person and can alleviate one’s emotional issues. The more time you spend in nature, the more you get the energy to heal your body, mind, and soul. This is why doctors always suggest that patients with mental problems spend much time in the lap of nature. As suggested by many researchers, nature therapy is one of the most effective therapy to treat a person’s mental as well as physical illness. 

👉 Have a pet

Bringing up a pet can alleviate your mental trouble to a greater extent. It is proven. Bringing and nurturing a dog seems to be the best way to engage your mind in some productive activity. It gives you a parent-like feeling and pleasure. It has been seen that a person with a dog or a bunny seems to be happier than one who does not have a pet. Therefore, it is suggested that you should bring a pet into your home to get rid of your mental trouble. Instead of animals, you can raise birds and fish as well. 


These are a few tips by which a teenager can find his happiness and cope up with mild to moderate emotional troubles. But, if a severe problem has been ingrained in your mind, it is advised to you to certainly visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible. You need to remember that an impaired emotional state brings a lot of health issues as well. 

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