What Are Effective Ways To Track Your Weight Loss? 

Keeping the check on your weight loss journey is the key. Reducing weight is really a hard job, but exact exercise, diet food, appropriate intake of water can make this easy for you. But once you start all of these things you need to check your weight more frequently to notice all the minor changes that your body is having.

Ways To Monitor Your Weight Loss Journey


Keeping a track of your weight loss journey is important. It is important because you can tell a lot about your body, like what food intake is increasing your weight, is your proportion of meals is appropriate or not, what food items are making you bloat or helping in gaining weight.

Ways To Monitor Your Weight Loss Journey

Keeping track of your weight loss will make you see your progress throughout the journey. So let’s see some amazing techniques through which you can keep a track of your weight loss. 

6 ways to track your weight loss: 

Here are the top 6 ways through which you can track your weight loss journey easier. 

  • Maintain Food Diaries – You should try to maintain food diaries. You can do it on your computer, smartphones, an actual diary, etc. This will help you in noticing all the food items that you take in a day, and by this, you can eliminate the food items that are in increasing your weight, etc. The main reason behind maintaining this journal is to see the daily food log and this will help you in reducing more weight, like twice of the weight in the coming months. It is important to be consistent with your diary and enter all the items regularly. 
  • Measuring with Scale – Consistently measuring up your weight on scale can help you in gaining more motivation to loss weight. Even though scale cannot tell you your entire fat stored areas, but it will always help you in tracking your progress. But try to avoid measuring your weight every hour. As in the day, you will intake salty meals which will increase or decrease your weight accordingly. To measure your weight daily and track your record.
  • Use Fitness Apps – Use your phone for the good thing, that is use it for reducing your weight and tracking the calories you burnt. There are many apps paid or free that have been found good to track weight. You can have wearable devices like watches, etc which would help you in knowing your steps, your calories, logging meals, etc. These devices or apps will help you in monitoring your approach to lose weight. This will also help you in being consistent and motivating you to compete against yourself every day. Many people who are not tech-savvy can go for the food journal method. 
  • Clothes – Yes, you can measure your weight loss journey with the help of your clothes. You can track your weight loss by wearing your clothes and seeing if there’s any difference or not. You can use your pants, tops, which don’t fit you and after certain months or every one month you can try them on to see how much weight you still need to lose, etc. This will also help you in gaining motivation as who doesn’t want to get fit into their beautiful clothes. 
  • Use your Mirror – People stop staring at the mirror after they gain weight, which is wrong, every body is beautiful, and you should this method and watch yourself daily to see if you had make any changes or not. Watching yourself on the mirror will also help you in loving your body more and giving your motivation to gain the body you want. 
  • Take photos – You should take a full photo of yourself from the start of the weight loss journey till the end. If you want, you can also take photos after 10-15 days to notice your weight loss. You can see ups and downs in your photos, which will also help you in knowing where you went wrong. So go take photos, make efforts, track your weight.  


So these were the top 6 methods through which you can track your weight loss journey. Always remember everybody is beautiful in their way, so don’t go hard on yourself, you will surely lose weight, be patient. 

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