What Is A Code Red Diet Plan?

You can learn about the code red diet plan in detail by reading the book ‘The code red revolution.’ In the book, the authors talk about diets that can help lose weight and preventing weight regain without pills, shakes, diet foods, or exercise.

What Is A Code Red Diet Plan?

The book talks about how to eat well to lose weight and not getting it back by eating real foods and without spending monies on diets, pills, powders, or even exercises. The book claims on the cover itself that thousands of people have lost weight and are maintaining normal body weight following the diet plan, which the authors have named ‘code red.’ Though a diet book also has a mysterious element in it, and people get curious to know about the diet plan. The book can be ordered in print, in Kindle edition, or as an audiobook.

What Is A Code Red Diet Plan?

Why the name ‘code red’ for diet plans?

The term code red has been used in several senses. Typically the term denotes some emergency, urgent or critical situation. Why the authors chose to name their book on code red can be best known after reading their book. Perhaps the writers are trying to convey that people who are fed up trying to lose weight should try diet plans presented in the book. The title conveys seriousness about what is suggested in the book and also assures that weight loss is possible by following specific diet plans.

Reviews on the book

The book is available at Amazon online, and so far, 108 people have posted that they found the book useful. One of the premier reviews on the book talks in detail about how the readers were able to benefit by following the diet plans suggested in the book. The review says that the reader and her husband were suggested the book by a doctor for losing weight. The reader further adds that they are losing weight without feeling hungry. In just 2.5 weeks, the reader lost 14 lbs, and her husband lost even more weight. 

Correct use of information presented in the book

The reader cautions that some people are complaining about the absence of any specific diet plan suggestion. For this, the reader suggests referring to the list of foods and creating their own menu to meet 10/30/60; the reader further clarifies if applied in this way, weight loss will be realized. According to the reader, the book is about bringing change in lifestyle and does not suggest a strict diet. There is the freedom to choose what one wants to eat from the approved list and how much one wants to eat as long as the suggested guidelines are followed. The reader says they loved switching to cloud bread and using it for their sandwiches. Finally, the reader says that she would suggest the book to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Benefits of code red diet plan

The book has been compiled by writers who have background and qualifications in nutrition science. Readers can benefit from information present in the book in the following ways:

Scientific diet plan for weight loss

The suggestions for weight loss through diets are presented on the basis of scientific knowledge. A scientific diet plan teaches how to lose weight without going hungry or starving and depriving the body of vital nutrients. People with weight issues have to persevere long. The suggestions presented in the book help people who want to lose weight attain a steady weight loss state and finally gain normal weight.

Ready solutions for hunger and weight loss

Readers can just follow the advice of the book to create meal plans from the approved list. There is no need to think out meal plans. The book provides ample ideas as to how to have nutritious meals the required times a day and lose weight steadily. Readers can decide what to eat and how much to eat from the approved list, however, suggested guidelines need to be kept in mind.

Weight monitoring and weight loss

Daily weight monitoring is the best way to know whether the weight loss program is working. Those undergoing weight loss programs should weigh themselves daily on a sensitive and accurate weighing meter every morning and record the results. The daily weight loss seen visually on the scale helps to set a target for weight loss and provides direction. It is important to be patient. Overweight people should at least remember that their bodies can and should limit carbs and fats. When stored fatty tissues get used up to provide energy, then weight loss is bound to occur.

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