What Is The Survival Rate Of People With Bladder Cancer?

The word cancer often sends a shiver running down most of our spines. What was once an insurmountable illness that signaled definite death for the afflicted, has today become just another hurdle that mankind has jumped over.

With the advent of newer technology and research in the field of human health, cancer has found itself almost powerless against our species. That being said, there is still a requirement for more research into severe cases of cancer, especially when it affects sensitive and critical organs of the body.

Survival Rate Of People With Bladder Cancer

Although numerous types of therapies have evolved over time, the final few stages of cancer can be life-threatening, and often send its patients into a frenzy when they ponder over the life they have left. One such overwhelming type of cancer is bladder cancer, which is usually found among older adults.

What Is The Survival Rate Of People With Bladder Cancer?

It is characterized by blood in the urine, pain during urination, and running to the restroom pretty frequently. This poses the question of how promising the survival rates of people with bladder cancer are. Read on to find out. 

👉 Things to keep in mind before looking at survival rates

The first thing to remember while looking at survival rates is to always take it with a grain of salt. These rates can only give you a general outlook into the average years that people live after their diagnosis has concluded. It cannot tell you about your individual case. Survival rates are usually derived from a percentage of people only, so there can be cases when people with bladder cancer live well above the specified average years. Quite a few of these numbers are also based on studies that were conducted at least five years ago, which means that with the evolution of newer treatment procedures, the numbers should show signs of improvement. Various individual factors can also play a role in deferring the survival rates, such as the health of the particular person, type of treatment procedure followed, adherence to the medical guidelines, et cetera. 

👉 Survival rates according to stages 

Understanding survival rates on the basis of the stage is a far more comprehensive way of understanding the odds that are in your favor. Based on studies conducted between the years 1988 to 2001, the survival rates can be broken down into the various stages of bladder cancer in the following manner – 

Stage 0 – 98%, Stage 1- 88%, Stage 2 – 63%, Stage 3 – 46% and Stage 4 – 15%. 

Along with the stage of diagnosis of bladder cancer, the level of the tumor also plays a huge role in determining the survival rate. The lower the grade of the tumor, the better the chances of survival since it means that the spread of cancer beyond the bladder is minimal. However, if the grade of the tumor is very high, then the odds of survival drop significantly. This shows that the earliest diagnosis of bladder cancer greatly increases the rate of survival, and this is especially true for younger adults who experience an onset of bladder cancer. 

👉 Improving the chances of survival 

While there is nothing miraculous you can do to significantly improve the outlook of your bladder cancer, there are ways to ensure that the risk of recurrence is kept to a minimal level. This can be done by getting screened for cancer and watching out for any symptoms on a regular basis, adhering to any prescribed medication to prevent such a recurrence, and by staying healthy. Avoid smoking, eating junk food and instead adhere to a healthy lifestyle by engaging in regular physical activities and eating a balanced diet. 

The bottom line is, the survival rates are purely generalized and are definitely not something that you should let demotivate you. Newer treatment techniques are being developed on a regular basis, so there is a lot of room for improvement in this field. It is understandable if dealing with bladder cancer leads to stress, anxiety, and fatigue in your daily life, so try and find someone who can support you throughout the process.

The condition of your health plays a critical role in helping you fight through this process, so ensure to nourish your body in the best way possible and steer clear of any harmful substances that could deteriorate your health. Try to stay as optimistic as possible, and adhere to medical guidelines prescribed to you, so that you can swiftly get through this. 

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